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End of 2015

Thu Dec 31, 2015, 8:41 PM


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Just a few more hours until it's 2016 here in Chicago. It's been a long while since I last wrote an entry (obviously), so here's my 2015 summary and review.

What to start off with? Well, convention-wise, it's been a busy year. Almost every month, my friend MonkeyWerks & I have been going to various conventions, and most of them being out of state. Because of that and due to me given so many work hours from my part-time job and some personal problems, I had difficulties on working on new content. Despite all that, I still had a good time. I mean, I finally got to travel to places I've never been to, such as Toledo, OH (for Glass City Con), Detroit, MI (for Youmacon) and Wisconsin Dells, WI (for Daisho Con). Then there's also one day comic cons over at Milwaukee, WI & Madison, WI (for Mighty Con).

Our plans for 2016 won't be as hectic as this year's, I think, but hopefully we'll still have a good time.


Late August, my dog (a chihuahua) of 13 years passed away. It was so sudden and to watch her die before me really broke my heart. The past few months after was a bit difficult, and I would still think of her occasionally. I really miss her, & I hope she knows that we all loved her.

I think to help kinda ease the pain, I turned more into music. I got back into the Korean pop scene. My latest obsession these days is this new male hip-hop group called Monsta X, and my bias is the main rapper, Jooheon. Not sure as to what it is about this group that I became wayyy into them; I don't think I was this obsessed with EXO when they first came out, lol. But yeah, I really really love this group; love their songs & the mixtape singles that Jooheon would bring out; watched their performances and show/web shows they would be featured in. ...Would be so awesome if I can see them live or meet them.

...Speaking of concerts, I saw Babymetal and One Ok Rock live. Both concerts were AWESOME! I even got to meet One Ok Rock after the concert; got a signed CD from them, shook their hands & took pictures of them. Babymetal will be returning to Chicago in May, so I'm pretty excited to see them again. Also, EXO is having a concert here in February, so I'm really hoping I'll manage to get tickets.


Anime has taken a backseat during the last half the year. But I did get into a series called "Shokugeki no Soma". At first the fanservice kinda turned me off (seeing it from short clips), but curiosity got the best of me (since my friend reads the manga), and I decided to watched the 1st episode. GOT HOOKED INSTANTLY. Real funny show with pretty good animation. Like OMG, they made food look GOOD. :drool:

Had quite some gaming purchases this year on both Steam & console... despite most (if not all) being placed on backlog. Finally bought myself a 3DS (the new 3DS XL "Hyrule Edition" to be precise) and I've been taking it with me to my convention travels since then. Pretty fun connecting to the Street Pass... so many people with 3DS! :wow:

Got into the closed beta testings for the international version of "Tree of Savior" and the NA/EU version of "Blade & Soul", which have been the 2 MMORPGs I was anticipating for awhile. "Tree of Savior" seems like it still needs a bit of work, where as to "Blade & Soul", I really enjoyed & loved it. No word on the full release of "Tree of Savior" yet, but launch for "Blade & Soul" will be on January 19, 2016. So can't wait to play it again!


...So yeah, I think that's pretty much the gist of 2015. Had its up & downs, but it was still a fun ride. So here's to 2016! Hope it will just as fun & exciting, and with much success!

...UNTIL NEXT TIME!! :wave:

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New Year 2015 Update

Sat Jan 24, 2015, 8:05 PM


Happy Belated New Year, everyone! Hope you all are having a good start so far. =D

As for me, I think I'm off on a great start! Got 2 full illustrations done (in a span of 2 weeks) and 1 commission done (with a few more to work on & finish). I plan on focusing & making more full illustrations this year, but I'll still work on drawing a few chibis as well.

Con Alt Del was the last convention of 2014, and with Kollision Con starting the the new year, we have more conventions lined up!

- Anime Central [May 15-17, 2015]
- Anime Midwest [July 3-5, 2015]
- Glass City Con [August 29-30, 2015]

There's a still a few more conventions we're looking into, but we'll see how that goes.


So most of the games I had started playing from the last journal update have taken a seat in the backlog... again. LOL. But I have been playing Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-. Story mode was pretty awesome to watch. Totally had the feels from laughter to a bit of sadness to a few shockers. I so can't wait for the next installment, but who knows when that will be. Right now, been focusing on getting better at playing Millia Rage. She's always been my main from the older installments of the Guilty Gear series, but I never was that good. I'm so used to playing fighting games on an arcade stick, and to go back to playing on a gamepad again... I'm having so much difficulty pulling off air dashes and a few moves. I'm thinking I need to "break" into the pad, in order to make things work properly, since I seem to not have so much trouble playing it on my friend's controller, lol.

I really need to finish Xenoblade Chronicles, though. Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming around the corner, and despite both games not being related to each other in story (maybe, who knows), it's definitely best for me to finish one game before going onto the next.

Then there's Dying Light, which I plan to get for the PC... UGH, ALL THESE GAMES! :shakefist:


As for anime, I hadn't bothered marathoning any series from my backlog, and mostly been keeping up with Sailor Moon Crystal and Fate/Stay Unlimited Blade Works TV. But currently, Unlimited Blade Works TV is on mid-season break (until April, unfortunately), so it's pretty much been Sailor Moon Crystal.

Psycho-Pass 2's ending left me unsatisfied. It was good throughout the season, IMHO. But that ending, UGH. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  Although, I heard the movie came out in theaters in Japan recently, so I'm hoping it will be good.

I don't read manga much, and the only manga I was reading was Naruto. I was happy that the main story finally ended, but it was also bittersweet. So very happy that SasuSaku is CANON! :dance: And their daughter, Sarada/Salad... OMG. SUCH A GOOD-LOOKING FAMILY. Anyway, can't wait for the smaller part 3 (which I believe focuses on the newer generation) and the light novels as well.


Well, anyway, I'm feeling pretty optimistic for this year... so hopefully everything does go well. ^_^ Will 2015 be my year? Guess we'll see, lol.

... UNTIL NEXT TIME! :wave:

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Fall Update 2014

Sat Nov 1, 2014, 11:38 PM

Sorry for the lack of updates, all. Due to work & many other things, it's been a tad difficult to arrange my priorities.

Anywho, I made some renovations to my website: So, check it out when you can!

I opened up commissions (but I will be only taking 1 - 2 request(s) at a time, depending on the difficulty of the pieces). Info is on my website, and you can send the request through there.

Also, conventions I'm confirmed to at:
- Con Alt Delete [Dec. 19-21, 2014]
- Kollision Con [Jan. 2-4, 2015]
- Anime Midwest [July 3-5, 2015]

Also, I opened up a Tumblr account! Go follow me there!


Anime Midwest 2014 was pretty fun. Got to see some old friends, and also made some new ones! =D Had a friend to come sell with me there, and it was her first time selling too! She makes clay figures; go check her out @ MonkeyWerks !


I got back into console gaming. Due to the fact that we don't have an HD TV (and my brother has his own HD monitor for his own gaming in his room), and 'cuz the old CRTV is crappy to even play these games that now utilizes HD (I have to literally SQUINT my eyes to see the text), I ended up buying another monitor for myself.…

It's a pretty sweet monitor. I didn't bother getting rid of my older monitor (which didn't have a HDMI port), so I ended setting up dual monitoring, and I can switch between DVI & HDMI with a button on the new monitor. And an info I didn't know (and not like companies would explain these in product descriptions), but I found out from my friend that this monitor was good for gaming input (11 second delay compared to the typical 20+ second delays...woohoo!). So I guess I was pretty lucky in picking this monitor out.

I only own the WiiU. Since my bro got himself a Playstation 4, he lent me his Playstation 3. So anyway, console games that I've played/started playing so far: Tales of Xillia (I've still yet to finish from Jude's POV though, but finished Milla's), Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star (unfinished), Hyrule Warriors (unfinished), and Bayonetta 2 (finished, but working on getting higher score/rank & unlockables).

Others I bought, but hadn't started on: Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Graces F, Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Not to mention I STILL have several other games to finish, such as some of the The Legend of Zelda games (both Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword), Xenoblade Chronicles, The Wonderful 101, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, Magna Carta 2 ...and possibly more that I currently can't think off the top of my head. ALSO, doesn't help that I have pre-ordered the new Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU and Guilty Gear Xrd: Limited Edition for the PS3.

...UGH, TOO MANY GAMES! :shakefist:


Anime is no different. I have just as much of a viewing backlog to my gaming backlog, lol. But anyway, series that I've been watching religiously for this current anime season are: Selector Spread WIXOSS (the 2nd season to Selector Infected WIXOSS), Psycho-Pass 2, Sailor Moon Crystal, and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works TV. I watched the 1st episode of Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (aka Rage of Bahamut), and it really wasn't bad in my opinion. It definitely gave off that old school anime feel...but HOLY, the character designs for the main male protagonists really irked me.

I've yet to start watching Sword Art Online 2 and Log Horizon 2 (although I've still yet to finish the 2nd half of Log Horizon season 1). Then there's others from previous seasons I've yet to watch or finish watching such as Zankyou no Terror, Aldnoah.Zero, Black Bullet, Blade and Soul, No Game No Life, and Tokyo Ghoul.

...I'll have to REALLY pick a day to marathon these shows. One of these days, I swear! :shakefist:


As for the art/drawing aspect of my life, my motivation for making new stuff has been ZILCH since Anime Midwest 2014. Like I said, due to work & other things (which I've named above), my priorities is all a mess. Doesn't help that money is kinda tight again (due to the fact that I finally got myself my own car, so now I gotta work hard to get back that money that I paid for the car & other things that went along with it). But I'm REALLY trying hard to get started again. Perhaps I should get into doing warm-up sketches & try not to worry what others may think of it. Or maybe draw a sketch(s) per day.

Ugh, I'll see how it goes. hmm 


... Until next time! Hi!

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Fri May 9, 2014, 6:59 PM

Hi everyone! Been awhile since my last update, eh? Time sure flies by fast. <.<

Anyway, compared to last summer, fall & winter has been quite UNeventful. Mostly been working a lot more work hours...which I honestly don't mind 'cuz I need the monies, but whew, it sure gets TIRING. That, and I've somewhat went back into hermit/lurking mode. Other than working, been spending whatever free time I had on watching new anime, gaming, and browsing around on Youtube.

Recent anime I got into are Blade & Soul (which is based on the MMORPG of the same name). Character designs isn't too bad; it definitely has some similarities to the game (but nothing can compare to Hyung-Tae Kim's designs). Wish they did a better job on the animation though...which is rather surprising 'cuz it's done by Studio GONZO (and they always do phenomenal work), but perhaps it wasn't given enough budget towards it. I do like the main character, Alka, though; and I really like the ending song "Rainbow" by LEGO BIG MORL. But overall, it isn't too bad.

Another anime I also got into is Selector Infected WIXOSS. It's like a mixture of Angelic Layer, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, & Yu-gi-oh! put together, and I like it so far. Guess I'm a sucker to some of these weird & semi-tragic kind of anime, lol.

I got into the MMORPG, Aura Kingdom. It's a pretty fun online game. You get to pick a main class (out of 10 classes now I believe), and later on you can pick a subclass (out of the remaining 9). Skill animations are pretty cool, it's not too grindy (not until around levels 55-60), and the partying & guild system is pretty cool. The game does run into technical difficulties though due to the game company that it's under (Aeria Games). But outside those problems, it really isn't bad. So if any of you are looking for a new online game to play, check it out! I'm in the Hydra server and in the guild Harmony (which is a really awesome & chill guild, btw). My IGN is Serahngel (battlebow/katar class). ...I'm currently not playing at the moment though, due to preparations for...



So yeah, with summer coming around the corner, I'm hoping it will be eventful again (in a good way at least). Pretty much gonna kick it off with another year at ACEN 2014 which will be on May 16-18 (a week from today) at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare and Donald E. Stephens Convention Center (and surrounding hotels) at Rosemont, IL. So if any of you are going, I'll be at artist alley (with a few friends) at tables E008 & E009.

I'm also confirmed for Anime Midwest on July 4-6, 2014, and also Kollision Con on Jan. 2-4, 2015. Once I get the maps & info for those, I'll post them up at a later time. I also plan on going to Con Alt Delete on Dec. 19-21, 2014 (which is actually right after my birthday), but we'll see how that goes.

Welp, hope to see some of you at ACEN! Ta-ta for now! :wave:

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Summer and Kollision Con 2013

Mon Nov 11, 2013, 11:17 PM

Hi, everyone! :wave:

It's been awhile since my last journal update. It got pretty busy & eventful during the summer after ACEN, and oh boy, do I have stories to tell.

Guess I'll start off with going to my first live WWE/wrestling show. I went to the WWE PPV Payback here in Chicago around mid-June. It was definitely a different experience/perspective compared to watching it on TV. There's no commentary heard; all you hear are the chants from crowd, the wrestlers' entrance music, the announcers, and the sounds from the ring. But it was still pretty fun. My seats was pretty much across from where the wrestlers make their entrance, so I got to see them a bit up close. At the same time, it was hard to see the titantron, so at times I had to lean and crane my neck just to see. Not sure if I plan on going to another one in the future, but I guess we'll see.

One of my uncles (one of my mom's older brothers) got really sick. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer. And so I had a lot of family visiting during the summer just to see him. A few days after seeing the WWE PPV show, my other uncle, aunt (his wife) and their 2 grandchildren from New Jersey came to visit. I hadn't seen them in awhile, especially their grandchildren... I hadn't seen them since they were babies, and they're now 15 and 11 respectively. But it was pretty cool having them here; we made sure the kids had a good time by showing them around several places around Chicago since this was their first time here in the city.

Went to Anime Midwest for the first time back in July.  I was a part of their artist alley, and it was pretty awesome. Got to meet and befriend a neighboring artist, and met some other awesome people as well. Not only that, but in all my time that I've been in an artist alley, this was the most successful one to date, especially for a small convention.

Early August, my dad got carjacked. He went to pick my mom from work at the hospital, and while waiting for her at the pick-up/drop off drive through at the front of the hospital, some guy walked up to the driver's side, opened the door (which unfortunately was unlocked), told my dad he needed the car, pulled my dad out & drove off with our SUV. It's a blessing that my dad was unharmed and the guy was unarmed, but I'm sure it was a shocking experience for my dad. What's even more of a blessing was that the criminal wasn't very smart. As soon as the SUV ran out of gas, he stayed in the car. Some person noticed it, called the local police...and well, that's pretty much how he got caught. He was also caught in the hospital's security camera; the detectives showed us the footage...and well, it was pretty surreal just seeing it. All in all, my dad was ok, our SUV was ok (which we got back within the end of that week and it only had a few minor scratches), and the guy will be behind bars.

The weekend after that incident, I went to Wizard World for a 2nd time. Got to meet and see my fave WWE wrestler, CM Punk, again. Managed to hug him and get a better picture with him this time around. I also got to meet the voice actress, Tara Strong. I had wanted to meet WWE Diva, AJ Lee, and the trio, The Shield, but AJ only appeared on Sunday (and I only went on the Saturday) and I only had enough money to buy a ticket for one day and to just meet Punk and Tara.

Towards the end of August, my uncle died from his prostate cancer. A lot of family had wanted to visit him again before he had passed away, but most had made it too late. Other than my uncle & aunt from New Jersey visiting again, a lot of my cousins from all over North America came, each representing from other aunts & uncles (my mom's other sisters & brothers) that couldn't be able to come (since they're all in the Philippines). A few of my mom's cousins also came. All of them had wanted to stay here at our house (because my mom is a good cook & stuff), so it was a PACKED house. Although it's sad that we had all gathered due to my uncle's death, but at the same time it was awesome to see family again, especially since I don't see them often. And one of my cousins that came, I met her for the very first time. Even though I wasn't completely close to my uncle, we will all miss him greatly.

Around mid-September, my dad got a bit sick and was admitted to the hospital for a few days. Apparently, my dad has diverticulosis, which means he has lots of pockets formed on his colon. One of those pockets popped and caused some bleeding. Fortunately the bleeding stopped, and they had to do some colonoscopy and I think also some endoscopy on his stomach just to make sure that the bleeding wasn't from somewhere else. But overall, my dad is okay. No cancer or anything. Only thing he has to avoid are seeds, nuts, or anything that can't easily be digested, otherwise it was get caught in those pockets and might form diverticulitis.

....So yeah, that was pretty much my summer. Also adding to all these events, one of my co-worker/friend ended up completely tearing an ACL on her knee from playing volleyball, so she was out for most of the summer (and will still be out for a few more months due to just having surgery). So I pretty much had ended up with lots of work hours. Which is fine by me, since I'm in need of money to pay off a few important bills.


So towards the present, I ended up getting back into anime. I had stopped midway on a few anime series that I was watching from the few past seasons, so I ended up doing a few marathons on catching up on them and even on some that I had completely missed as well.

Attack On Titan was awesome from start to finish. Despite ending at an arc, at least in ended on some sort of conclusion. Suisei no Gargantia was a nice series as well. I hear that there will be a 2nd season, so I'm excited for that. Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya was a cool series. Episode 6 was my favorite, and I love the violent reaction between Rin & the wand, Ruby.  I hear there will also be a 2nd season as well, so will definitely look out for that. I also marathoned Dangan Ronpa, which I thought was a pretty good anime adaption. Never played the game, but it seemed to have followed it pretty well.

Series that I'm currently watching and keeping up to date are: Kill la Kill (which is THE anime series of the season; everything about it is so UNIQUE), Log Horizon (I think it's better than Sword Art Online in my opinion; and I absolutely LOVE the character Akatsuki), and Tokyo Ravens.


So anyone around the Chicago area going to Kollision Con this coming weekend? I'll be at their artist alley for the first time, since they had moved the con to Rosemont at the Crowne Plaza this year (which is easier for me to travel than going all the way to St. Charles, IL). Hope to see you there!

Anyway, sorry for the REALLY LONG journal post. Hope I hadn't bore you all to death with my wall of texts, lol.

Well, ta ta for now! :wave:

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Journal Entry: Wed May 15, 2013, 4:03 PM

Can't believe it's that time again; man, the months/days fly by so QUICK! So yeah, as I've mentioned, I'll be there in the artist alley. Find me under "Vision Velocity", tables 116 & 117. I'll be selling prints, laminated cards, buttons, and & keychains. I'll try my best to be at my table more often this time around, but there's just too much stuff to check out this year! That, and I'm SOOOO excited to see Kalafina in concert! (Got tickets to the front sections of the Rosemont Theater...WHOO!!)

Anyway, hope to see you all there though! :wave:

And here's a map to the tables in the AA.

 photo ACEN2013map.png

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Back From Art Hiatus!!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 22, 2013, 8:09 PM

So yeah, much like the title says... I'm back! And man, it feels good to get my creativity back. I'm sorry that it has been awhile since I made anything new; I believe I might have mentioned that I had personal issues to deal with (which caused me to go into the art slump in the first place...I mean, I did draw, but was mostly for conventions and not really all for myself), but all that is done and over with. So expect a lot more art this year; I've made it my resolution to work harder and make some sort of an improvement by the end of the year.

As for commissions or requests that I still owe, I deeply apologize you all had to wait for so long, but I will get those done when I can. I still have the list of the requests (and addresses to send the hard copies to), but email or message me, in case I missed anyone or anything.

I will be at ACEN's ( artist alley again this year (5th year in a row, YAY!), and again, under "Vision Velocity." I will be with a group of friends, who will be selling their stuff along with me, and hopefully I'll be at my table more often (since I kept on running off to several events during ACEN.)

I will also be at Anime Midwest ( for the first time as well. Not completely confirmed yet, but I have paid for my badge/table.

2 other local cons I'm also trying to gun for are Kollision Con (which apparently moved from St. Charles, IL to Rosemont, IL...which is closer to where I live) and for a 3rd time at Anime World (which now apparently have merged with Wizard World.)

Other than here, I do update more stuff in my Facebook page:… . And I also hopped on the bandwagon and joined Anipan: . So please, check those out and follow me there as well.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Until the next journal update! :wave:

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Post-ACEN 2012

Journal Entry: Tue May 1, 2012, 8:16 PM

ACEN came & gone so quickly, but overall, it was awesome! Sales were much better this year, and I was happy to meet old friends I hadn't seen in a year or 2 and meeting a family member I hadn't even met yet. For those of you who have stopped by, thank you! =D And for those of you who have missed me several times, I deeply apologize. There were just so MANY MANY MANY things to do & see, and those lines for autographs & concerts were pretty crazy.

Not sure if any of you can see this, but here are the pics I took from ACEN:… I know it's not a lot compared to others who take thousands of pics at a big con like this, but eh, tried my best. My big main goal was to meet up with JYB/Eyeshine. I met them over at Kollision Con back in November 2011, so it was awesome seeing them again for a 2nd time. I bought quite a lot more of their merchandise this time around, & even got JYB to sign my Ichigo chibi drawing. =D Really really awesome & down to earth group and their music is pretty good too; I definitely recommend you check them out!

I also met some of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica English cast (in which I met Cristina Vee for a 2nd time). The unfortunate part was that I couldn't get them sign my artwork, nor was able to take a picture with them. Silly ACEN rules. =(

I had wanted to meet Christopher Sabat & get his autograph, but it ran at the same time as the Puella Magi Madoka Magica signings. I had also wanted to check out the Video Game Orchestra concert, but it was either the times were awkward or I just didn't have the time to check it out. I didn't even have the time to check out all of Artist Alley either; there was just so many artists! XD

Oh wells... I still had a blast. XD But the sucky part is that I got sick the next day after ACEN. =( So now, I have a cold & body aches. So for those of you who I owe commissions to, I will get them done as soon as I get better.

Anyway, next up: Anime World Chicago! Hope to see you there! :wave:

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ACEN 2012!!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 23, 2012, 9:14 AM

ACEN 2012 Artist Alley

Sorry for posting this just a few days before ACEN, but yes, I will be at Artist Alley again this year. ^_^ Look me up under VISION VELOCITY, tables 153 & 154 (I'll be selling along with a few friends). Although I couldn't find the time to make new digital color illustrations, I'll still be selling my old illustrations/prints. I'll also be selling RPG class laminated badges, chibi laminated cards & keychains.

Here's a link to map:…

Also, like my page if you have a Facebook account:… I update more often there than here & my other sites.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited for this year, especially with so many guests I wanna see. :excited:

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New Blog and Facebook Page!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 16, 2011, 7:39 AM

Finally got to setting up a new blog. It will mostly contain stuff relating to art, such as sketches/concepts & works in progress, but it will also have random stuff as well.

I'll probably be posting all my journal/blog/rants there from now on. So enjoy reading & comment there!

I also went ahead and set up a public Facebook page as well.…

Check it out and like please!

Thanks! ^_^

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New Convention and Stuffs

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 17, 2011, 8:35 AM


Well, it's official. I'll be Anime World Chicago's (AWC) artist alley. Not exactly sure on what table I'm at, but I'll post up a map of it when I find out. Anime World Chicago is a new anime convention in Chicago, starting this year.  Not as huge as ACEN (it IS a new con after all), so I believe they're expecting around 4k - 9k people. So if any of you are in the Chicago area and/or planning to go to AWC, look me up! ^_^ Here's their website:


Open beta for NA Nexon's "Dragon Nest" was launched 2-3 weeks ago, so I was happy to get back on it again after trying out the closed beta 2 months ago. It is a REALLY fun action MMO, and cute to boot, too.  My main character is a sharpshooter (long range archer), and my secondary characters are a fire elementalist (sorceress/mage) and acrobat (short range archer).  Here are some screenshots I took:

My sharpshooter, Juclecia.

Juclecia's backside.

Juclecia saying hi. ^_^

The dimensional bunny. It always appears at the end of the abyss mode stage. Isn't it a cutie?

The dimensional bunny having a cup of tea, lol.

If any of you are interested in playing this game (or are already playing the game), look me up! The server I'm at is Argenta, and my characters' names are: Juclecia (sharpshooter), Sherazard (elementalist) & Arjuna (acrobat). My guild's name is EcTisia.

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ACEN 2011

Journal Entry: Thu May 26, 2011, 10:51 AM

ACEN 2011

Well, another ACEN has passed, and it was a pretty good year. Sales were much better this year, even though it still didn't quite meet my expectations. I only sold 2 of my prints & had 2 people to do commissions for, but my colored pencil chibis were off the hook. (...Well, except for Sasuke. There's no love for him, unfortunately. =()

Here's a picture of my setup:

And here's what I sold this year:
Halloween Witch 2 by VisionVelocity Fanart: Sakura Haruno 2 by VisionVelocity:thumb209183535: Fanart - Chii chibi by VisionVelocity Fanart - Noel Vermillion chibi by VisionVelocity

I also sold a Miku Hatsune colored pencil chibi drawing, but I had forgotten to take a picture of it. There was also a chibi commission I did for someone; I don't know the character...but yeah, I forgot to take a picture of that as well. =( So to the person who bought my Miku Hatsune chibi drawing & to the person who I commissioned for that chibi drawing, if both of you see this journal, please email me a pic of those drawings, so I can post it up here & on my website. Thanks! =D

Anyway... since I was so focused on my artwork/drawings, I didn't take to much pics of cosplays this year; I only snagged what I thought was best. One of the cosplay I saw & took a picture of was Faith from Mirror's Edge. The funny thing was, I have the yellow bag replica from the game (a pre-order thing from Gamestop), so I had her hold it as a prop.

I got to meet Cristina Vee, Stephanie Sheh, & Spike Spencer. They were pretty cool to meet, especially Cristina. I made a gift for her:

...And she loved it! I even got a hug from her! ^__^ *squees & goes all fangirl*

I bought 3 posters from yanimator and the Zelda print from this from poncy-rogue. I also bought:

Amanda Werner from Blassreiter

Honekoneko from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

I also bought a T-Shirt with a grayscaled/black & white picture of Panty & Stocking with the words "BIB: Bitch in Black". I'll probably take a picture of it & post it up later on.


So...this year is my spending/collecting year of figures & artbooks. I've pre-ordered quite a lot of stuff, it's not even funny. I mean, I shouldn't spend so much, especially in my financial situation...but I can't help it! The figures/pictures are just sooooo PURTY that I just HAD TO HAVE IT! The best one out of my collection though is this:

Dizzy from Guilty Gear

It is quite pricey, but not as pricey in cons. I saw this at ACEN, & it was like $200. But I pre-ordered this online, & it was like around $120. Isn't she a beauty, though? ^^

Other stuff I pre-ordered online are several figures from the Shining series, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt figurines, and artbooks from GENZOMAN, Tony Taka & the Ar Tonelico series. I also bought a Rin (from Fate/Stay) figure & a Revy (from Black Lagoon) figure as birthday presents for my both my friend & my hubby, respectively.

Anyway, time to work on new stuff for next year...hopefully, LOL. That's all for now...until next time! Thanks for visiting! :wave:

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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 4, 2010, 8:28 AM


:bulletblue: Commissions are for PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL use only.

:bulletblue: For COMMERCIAL work, please EMAIL me at: emoon18(at)gmail(dot)com.

- Anthro/Furry characters (humanoids such as catgirls are okay)
- Mechas
- Highly muscular characters
- Animals (anime mascots & Pokemon are okay)
- Mature/Yuri/Yaoi (ecchi or slight fanservice is okay)
- Extreme Violence

:bulletblue: I do welcome challenges, but it is in your best interest and mine that your request suit my art style & comfort zone.


All characters are full body & digitally colored (soft and/or cell shaded) and placed on white/plain background.

:bulletblue: Character = $10 ea.
:bulletblue: Chibi = $5 ea.

If you want additional backgrounds:

:bulletblue: Prices will vary, depending on the difficulty of the background.
:bulletblue: Maximum price will be $20 for the highest difficulty.


:bulletblue: All payments are made through PAYPAL.
:bulletblue: PLEASE include references and/or descriptions (with links if possible).
:bulletblue: PLEASE allow at least 3 weeks for a deadline.
:bulletblue: For commission requests and/or if you have further questions not answered here, you can NOTE me here or EMAIL me at: emoon18(at)gmail(dot)com.


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ACEN 2010 After

Journal Entry: Tue May 18, 2010, 10:12 AM

ACEN 2010

Well, ACEN's over, and boy, am I TIRED.  I had a really good time, especially since we had more people to come along.  Sales wasn't great this year, but I still had a blast.  

I went to see Aural Vampire's concert Friday night, and OMG, it was freakin' AWESOME! Exo-Chika was so pretty and Raveman was really bringin' the beats; they're really an awesome duo to watch live.  I went to the rave (Soap Bubble) Saturday night with friends, and we all had a blast as well.  Apparently, Raveman was there as well and was DJing the first part of the rave.  I got signatures from some of the Japanese voice cast & producer of Soul Eater and from Aural Vampire as well.  I couldn't be able to meet Stephanie Sheh, unfortunately.  Circumstances prevented me from getting to her autograph signing in time. =( I do hope she comes back in future ACENs.

I saw artists whom I recognized and met from last year, most especially paintpops.  She & her crew sat next to our table last year, and now it was by a great coincidence that their table was behind us, LOL. XD  The cosplays were pretty good this year too.  I managed to see HezaChan's I-no (from Guilty Gear) cosplay in person (which was freakin' awesome, btw).  Another noteworthy cosplay was a person dressed up as Nu (from Blazblue).  She had the blades, which she pulled with invisible strings.

I spent quite a lot on stuffies too.  I bought 3 figurines (Mint from Tales of Phantasia, Tear from Tales of the Abyss, and Reimi from Star Ocean: The Last Hope), 3 statues (a female Elf from Lineage 2, and Celestia & Ryuna from Shining Wind), 3 volumes of Chun Rhang Yhur Jhun, and 2 prints from Artist Alley (one of them belonging to LorBot, specifically this print).

After more observations and suggestions from friends, I've started to make plans for improvement for next year's Artist Alley.  Third time's a charm as they say. =P


I've started getting into more K-pop this past few weeks, most especially the group, Super Junior.  I love Kyuhyun's angelic voice, but I've fallen completely in LOVE with Siwon...OMG, HE'S SO HAWT!! :drool: He's quite multi-talented: he can sing, dance, play the drums, does Taekwondo, and act.  I've been watching the K-drama he was in, called Oh! My Lady, which finished last week.  It's a pretty good show.  I mean, you have not only a really hot guy, but you also have a super adorable little girl in the show, which equals to an awesome combination. XD

I hadn't been keeping up with the latest anime or manga, so I'm sorta out of the loop.  I hadn't been able to play some of my games either, but I've gone back to playing Magna Carta 2.  I had to start over though, because I'd forgotten how to play and lost track on what the story up to point I was at on my old save file.  I also re-activated my account in Aion as well, although I still play sparingly, usually on the double exp weekends.

But yeah, now that ACEN's over, I can rest up and start working on new drawings for next year (now that I have plenty of time).  I've really got to discipline myself from procrastinating... XD

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A Lifelong Rant and The Excitement

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 29, 2010, 1:25 PM


Emotions have been building up, and well, I feel that I HAVE to get all of it off my chest.

I've been down for quite some time now (though I'm not sure if I can call it depression; maybe just a mild one?)  There were several points where I have broken down, but then I would pick up again, like as if nothing happened.  Anyway, I did come to another low point about a month or two ago.  It affected me so much, that I just stopped going to school.  I hadn't done any schoolwork at all, and I'd be absent from several days to weeks.  And well, because of my previous failures, I got dropped.  I know it's my own fault that it happened, but I dunno... I just needed a break.  I've been at this school for 3 STRAIGHT years (with 1 to 2 week breaks in between terms), it kind of gets to you after awhile.  The school used to allow term breaks with little reasons, but they recently changed the policy, and you can only take a term break if it's really really REALLY important/crucial.  Anyway, I do plan on going back to school sometime after May...I just hope they can accept me back again.

The causes of me being down...well, it's quite a lot really.  Where to start?

:bulletblue: Time and Age

Time sure has been flying by...way too quickly. I would stop and think, "Damn, I'm how old now?!" I mean, I'm now freakin' 27 years old (nine more months until 28).  You'd think by now I would be done with school and have a great career, yet I'm still working at a part-time job (that doesn't pay enough) and still struggling with school.  Heck, I've been drawing for quite a long time since late grade school/beginning of high school, and yet I still feel like I've only improved little by little.  Where did the time go?  What have I been doing for the past decade?  Sure, there have been points during this decade where I had a great time, but I still feel as though I hadn't really done anything worthwhile, and I'm not getting any younger.

:bulletblue: Reality and Marriage

Real life sucks...and it's getting more and more difficult dealing with it.  And as for marriage?  It isn't what it's all up to be.  I think a part of it is due to the fact that I married at a young age (at 22).  I didn't have much of a chance to fully enjoy my single life.  I mean, at first it was okay; I get to be with the person I love and away from my parents.  Don't get me wrong, I do love my side of the family wholeheartedly, but at that time, they were getting on my nerves.  

And now?  My husband is getting on my nerves, making me wish I was back home with my parents.  He's been getting more and more of a jerkwad with a really huge stick up his butt.  I mean, I admit that I'm lazy, but dammit, I'm not a freakin' housewife.  He's been treating me like what my mom would do years ago...threatening to take away stuff that I enjoy doing (like cutting off my access to the internet) so I can finish doing chores.  I know my responsibilities; just...I'll get to it eventually.  And he's always wanting to do stuff together...ALL THE TIME.  I mean, I see my parents not doing stuff together most of the time, and they're still living a happy marriage of 31 years.  Seriously, he's been way too clingy and been trying to force me to do stuff I don't want to do.  It's really pissing me off 'cuz I want my space and to be left the hell alone.

Also, he's been treating me like crap, to the point where he'd embarrass/tattletale me in front of friends or to his mother.  Honestly, if you have beef with me, do it privately; don't do it publicly where it's not anyone's business to.  I mean, he doesn't physically hurt me (though he would poke me back if I poked at him first), but a lot of his words does get to me.  Not verbal abuse really; just talks about life and stuff that I don't really want to listen to.  And his talks with his parents aren't helping either...and all their talks are ALL about money & business.  Money this, money that...ugh, it's really irritating! I think I can see why his parents are divorced; their lives are revolved around money, and both his parents each have different views of it.  I mean, I know money is important, but I don't think it's EVERYTHING.

My in-laws are getting on my nerves too.  His dad is too much of a worrywart, too careful (ESPECIALLY his driving...OMG, he drives so slow in the expressways!) and he doesn't like to keep up with technology...AND he so obviously talks to himself (which makes me worried he's a little nutty in the head).  And his mom doesn't act like a real mom when she talks to you...more like a business person or some counselor (in which apparently she is some sort of certified counselor or so she says).  I mean, she doesn't bother me much least not directly.  She'll take my side a lot more times than my husband, but sometimes if she wants me to do something, she'll tell it to my husband first, then he'll tell me.

But yeah, the more real life comes at me, the more I regress into my mind. I start daydreaming/imagining myself in situations in another world/reality, like being some warrior/ninja or a being with special powers.  I'd land myself in the worlds of my favorite anime (like Naruto, for example).  Gawd, I wish wholeheartedly that real life was like the anime/movies/game I enjoy watching & playing, but unfortunately, it's not.  Real life is so boring, doing the same shit almost everyday.  Where's the action?  Where's the adventure?

Gawd, I REALLY need a vacation.  And kiddos, word of advice: Don't get married so soon.  Enjoy your single life to the fullest before planning on settling down.  Make the RIGHT decisions with no regrets.  If you see a GREAT & RIGHT opportunity, take it.  Believe me, I missed out on so many opportunities (like what could have been better relationships, for example) due to my mistakes, and now I regret them 'cuz, unfortunately, I can't go back and redo them.

:bulletblue: Being Out of Place & Alone

I have a LOT of friends.  I'm a friendly person, who enjoys being surrounded with people to talk to.  But even with a huge group of friends, I still feel quite out of place.  I don't know why, since most of my friends like similar things that I like, but at times, it's hard to get into their conversations or join in on the activities 'cuz I feel so out of the loop.  And that's when I start feeling a bit lonely.  There's only so few people that I can fully talk to without much criticism thrown back at me.  I'm not isolating myself from them; I just can't help but FEEL isolated, if that makes any sense.

I feel even more lonely because due to everything that's been going on, I'm so out of the loop with  my side of the family.  I missed out on so many family events due to school, work, and yes, marriage, too.  It worries & saddens me 'cuz it feels like further down in the future, I'll lose all contact with the ones I love and care about.  And I don't want that. I've already lost contact with my high school friends; I don't want to lose any more.


I apologize you had to read all that, but like I said, I just had to get it off my chest.  Whether you understand or not, whether you think I'm crazy/stupid/wrong for thinking like that or not, keep in mind that this is how I feel and how I see my situations in my POV right now.  

Anyway...I feel better now that's all out. ^_^


1 1/2 month to go until ACEN! I'm just getting more and more excited as the days count down.  I feel optimistic that this year will be a better year for me at Artist Alley.  I'm really liking the theme that the con is going for, "dark" & "unlucky" (which is pretty much what I've been feeling emotionally lately).  I'm also excited for the guests that they have for this year so far.

:bulletblue: Aural Vampire

Now I hadn't heard of this duo before, but after hearing samples of their music, I so want to see them in concert!  Check them out HERE and see their videos HERE.

:bulletblue: Soul Eater

4 Japanese voice actors/actresses from this anime will be at con!  Now before they had officially announced this, they posted in the forums that they were excited to have these Japanese guests and had us guessing as to who they were.  I guessed that since they're going for a theme, they would get people from Soul Eater.  And, OMG, I was RIGHT!  XD

Anyway, the voice actors/actresses are: Yumiko Kobayashi (Black Star), Kouki Uchiyama (Soul Eater), Kaori Nazuka (Tsubaki) & Narumi Takahira (Patty).  I was so hoping for Mamoru Miyano (Death the Kid, Zero Kiryuu from Vampire Knight, Light from Deathnote, etc.), but I guess he's busy. *cries* After all, besides his voice acting and music, doesn't he also have a wife and kid?

:bulletblue: Stephanie Sheh

I loved her as Kirie Kojima in Girl's Bravo. She also does Mikuru from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Orihime from Bleach, Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto, Natalia Lanvaldear from Tales of the Abyss, Kyrie from Devil May Cry...and more.

So yeah, can't wait!! :excited:

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Groups and Plans (Part 3)

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 2, 2010, 3:44 PM
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The group feature is a pretty cool thing added by DA.  It definitely helps in getting more people to view your artwork and such.  I joined several during the past week or two, and they're all pretty cool groups.  

GetWatchers is a really nice group in helping getting more views; not only only you get more views but you also check out other people's works and help get them more views as well.  It's a really good trade, I'd say, although you do have to be sorta dedicated in using their program.

I also just created my own group as well, called HTK-Fans.  It's a group basically dedicated to Hyung Tae Kim's works, whether it be fanart, originals that emulate his style, or cosplay.  If you're a fan of HTK's stuff, you are welcome to join! Please help in spreading the word about my club if you can. =D


I'm currently working on a Princess Sailor Moon (from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) fanart.  I'm hoping to get it done by this week, so I can work on a new project/drawing.  I have quite a lot of stuff planned out this month and the next (you can check out the listing by checking my journal page itself).  

I've secured/paid for the ACEN Artist Alley table, so meaning I'm definitely in AA this year.  I'll be with 2 of my friends and along with gladyfaith as well.  Just as I've mentioned from my previous journal post, I'll be selling prints (small 4x6" and paper sized 8.5x11") and will be giving away my (many many many) leftover bookmarks as freebies.  Because ACEN is going for the theme of "Unlucky 13," I plan on selling 13 drawings, in which a majority of them have a dark/Halloween-ish theme.

I also plan on opening to commissions, trades, collabs, etc., but only after ACEN (which takes place in May).


Until next update! :wave:

A New Year and Upcoming Plans (Part 2)

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 20, 2010, 2:31 PM
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Happy belated new year! How was everyone's holidays?

Anyway, I am really excited this new year.  I managed to snag an Artist Alley table for a 2nd year this ACEN</b>. Since the theme for ACEN this year is "Unlucky 13", I'm planning to make/sell 13 new drawings. This means I've finally gotten off my art block; I've made a HUGE list of ideas and found a variety of great resources to inspire me. All I need now is to execute these ideas.


I got into playing Aion</b>. It's a very beautiful MMO, and the gameplay is pretty fun. I was really into it the past few months; I'm still playing it (even got 3 months paid as a Christmas present), but not as often now. I also got some of my friends into it, too; I'm waiting for them to catch up to my level 35 ranger. If any of you would like to try it, let me know and I can refer you for a game trial. I'm in the Azphel server, and my main toon is Lehas.

After a months and months of waiting, I finally got my hands on Bayonetta more than 2 weeks ago, and finally finished it (on normal mode) about a week ago. OMG, it's an awesome game, and it's to be expected by DMC/Okami/Viewtiful Joe creator, Hideki Kamiya. Sure, the game has a lot of sexual innuendo and the story isn't that great, but the game wasn't really meant to be taken seriously, but what a game should be: FUN. The gameplay is so good, a definite upgrade to the action/hack & slash genre; it's the reason why it received high scores from game critics & magazines.  I'm now playing it on hard mode and still trying to unlock/buy items, weapons, costumes, etc.


I got into a new anime called The Book of Bantorra. I don't think the anime is entirely well known, but I really like it. I like the character designs and the story.  I think the idea behind it is awesome; it would be pretty cool if our bodies become fossilized magical "books" (or stone tablets in this case), which contains all our history and memories.  Sure, it's an invasion of our privacy if someone touches our "books", but what if we want to learn what had happened like hundreds of years ago? Rather than figuring or hypothesizing out with theories and such, we'd have all the info. Anyway, my fave char from this anime series is Hamutz Meseta. She quite has this evil/cute personality and quite an arm too. She can like sling/snipe at you (with a rope and rocks) at a really REALLY far distance. When I saw her do that in this one episode, I was like: :wow: She's voiced by Romi Park/Paku.


Anyway, I'm currently finishing up on a drawing now; I'm about 30-50% into it.  So..until then! =D

Upcoming Plans...

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 21, 2009, 12:12 PM
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Hey all!

Apologies for not posting up anything new since ACEN (except for several stamps and desktop wallpapers, but I wouldn't really count them).  I've been AGAIN busy with so much stuff.  

Anyway, it's another school term, and I'm currently re-taking classes that I hadn't done well in the past.  But like I said on my Twitter, I'm feeling very confident this quarter, so I'll definitely do well this term and pass all my classes this time.  

ACEN registration is up again, so I've already paid for my badge.  Artist Alley registration won't start until December, so I'm planning on preparations and ideas on what to sell.  I decided to drop the bookmarks (since they didn't sell well at all) and just sell all prints.  The extra bookmarks I had from last year (and it's a LOT of extras) will be given away for free.  I already planned out on what I'm going to draw, so expect several drawings from me in the next few months. =D

ACEN 2009 After

Journal Entry: Mon May 11, 2009, 5:43 AM
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Wow! What a weekend!

I saw a LOT of awesome artists, even ones that I had already known, this year! I think Artist Alley had nearly taken half of the exhibit hall.  As for myself, I didn't do as well as I had expected, but at least I got people to look, and they picked up my business card as well.  I noticed that a LOT of people like my original "Sonia" picture.  Some even want to cosplay as her.  That would be awesome to see! =D

I saw quite a lot of awesome cosplays this year.  I saw more Vampire Knight, Soul Eater, and Miku/Vocaloid outfits this year.  

This year was a year of figurines for me.  I bought 4 figurines: Natalia Kimlasca Lanvaldear (from Tales of the Abyss), Death the Kid (from Soul Eater), Maka (from Soul Eater), & Tsubaki (from Soul Eater).  I got really giddy over 2 giant figurines: Dante (from Devil Cry 3) & Nero (from Devil May Cry 4).  I also bought 2 cellphone charms from MoogleGurl.  

I got to meet M.O.V.E! =D I went to their concert Friday night.  It was so awesome! Definitely as to what I had expected of them.  Then I went to their autograph signing on Sunday.

So despite the lack of sales I got, I still had fun.  It was a great experience for my first time in Artist Alley, and I got learn a lot of from others and met some really cool people.  I'm definitely going to do better and bring out more stuff for next year! ^_^

I'll post up a link to the pics, once I get them up!



Single Characters (with or without background)
- Full character = $10
- Chibis = $5

Additional Characters (up to 2 additional)
- Full character = $5 ea.
- Chibis = $2.50 ea.

Commission Terms
- I will not draw explicit images.
- I do have limitations (since I'm still trying to improve), so you'll have to speak to me about that.
- Please include references if possible.
- Please allow at least 1 month for a deadline.
- All artwork are digitally drawn, either soft or cell-shaded.

- Made through Paypal. Any other form of payment, please speak to me about that.
- You can pay after a preview image have been approved.
- After payment, and after the work is done, you will receive both a JPEG (complete artwork) & a PNG (characters only) files.
- If you would like an actual print (8.5" x 11" on glossy) of your image, an additional cost of $5 will be added to cover S&H (shipping & handling) costs.

Please NOTE or EMAIL me
- Your name (DA username or other)
- Email or other form of contact
- Type of art style: soft or cell-shaded
- Type of commission: full character or chibi
- Number of characters (up to 3)
- Commission & character descriptions (include links or attachments to references)
- Deadline (if any)
- Paypal email
- Mailing address (if you choose to have a print sent to you)

The Excitement! (Part 2) Commissions

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 28, 2009, 10:56 PM
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Wee, almost a week until ACEN! It's going by fast!  Anyway, I've pretty much have gotten everything prepared; I got my bookmarks printed and most of my drawings printed out as well.  I'm still working on 2 other drawings, but hopefully I'll get those done before the con. All I can say is that I'm excited and a little nervous at the same time.  I hope people will like my stuff. ^^


Btw, I'll be opening to commissions for the first time.  Prices are (in USD):

Single Characters (no background)
- Head/Bust shots = $7
- Mid/Waist-up = $12
- Full character = $20
- Chibis = $10

Additional Characters (up to 2 additional)
- Head/Bust shots = $2 ea.
- Mid/Waist-up = $7 ea.
- Full character = $15 ea.
- Chibis = $5 ea.

Additional Background = Pricing depends on difficulty

Commission Terms
- I will not draw explicit images.
- I do have limitations (since I'm still trying to improve), so you'll have to speak to me about that.
- Please include references if possible.
- Please allow at least 1 month for a deadline.
- All artwork are digitally drawn, either soft or cell-shaded.

- Made through Paypal.  Any other form of payment, please speak to me about that.
- You can pay after a preview image have been approved.
- If you would like an actual print (8.5" x 11" on glossy) of your image, an additional cost of $5 will be added to cover S&H (shipping & handling) costs.

Please NOTE or EMAIL me
- Your name (DA username or other)
- Email or other form of contact
- Type of art style: soft or cell-shaded
- Type of commission: head/bust, mid/waist-up, full, or chibi
- Number of characters (up to 3)
- Commission & character descriptions (include links or attachments to references)
- Deadline (if any)
- Paypal email
- Mailing address (if you choose to have a print sent to you)